Pierre Kopp

  M2 - Evaluation of public policies 

Semester 1
Monday 9AM-12AM
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Readings prerequisite

My textbook, based on Boardman and Winning 2007.
Print it.
it to every class.

If your skills in microeconomics can be improved, please have a look to :

Annexe 1. Rappel de mathématiques
Annexe 2. Les fonctions implicites
Annexe 3. Quelques fonctions utiles pour la théorie du consommateur
Annexe 4. Th des jeux
Annexe 5. Variation équivalente et variation compensatrice 

S1. Public policy evalaution: introduction

S2. Basic CBA
European commission, 200
7Guide to Cost-Benefit analysis, read after the classe  the first 40 pages or World Bank,Handbook on economic analysis of investment operation, May 1996.

S3. Surplus analysis and externalities
Prabat, J. ; Chaloupka, F., 2000, A welfare analysis of tobacco use, World Bank Book.
Kopp et Prud'homme, The Stockholm Toll: An Economic, Evaluation, and slides International Journal of Transport Economics, vol 37, n°2, june 2010.

S4. Discounting
Frederick S.,Loewenstein, G., O’Donoghue, T., Time Discounting and Time Preference: A Critical Review, MIT working paper, , January 30, 2002. read the fisrt 32 pages.
Kopp (2015) Regarder cette note de cours.

S5. Risk, uncertainty and growth.
Kopp, P., 2013, Chapter Risk and uncertainty, my textbook.
Kopp, ., 2015, fig.expected utility.
Quinet, E., 2013, L’évaluation socio-économique en période de transition, Conseil d’Analyse Stratégique, pp 63 to 74.

S6.Evalation based on observed behaviours
Kopp, P., 2015, Chapter Evaluation based on observed behaviour, My textbook, pp 67-100. please, focus on hedonic prices and travel cost

S7. Contingent evaluations
Martin KoningRead the power, Contingent valuation, 2015.
Further readings: 
Emmanuel Flachaire, Guillaume Hollard, « Une approche comportementale de l'évaluation, contingente », Revue économique 2006/2 (Vol. 57), p. 315-329.

S8.Quasi experiments
Duflo, E. (2013), have a look to this video, http://www.laviedesidees.fr/L-economie-du-developpement-a-l.html

S9.Paternalism and expressive behaviour

Saint Paul, G., 2012, Liberté et société post-utilitariste, working paper IFI, n°745, septembre.
Hillman, A., 2010, Expressive behaviour in economics and politics, European Journal of Political Economy, Volume 26, vol. 4, pp 403-418

20% : At the end of the semester you will deposit on my desk a file with all your short essays. 
20%: “Joutes oratoires”; Salle 19 les lundis 9, 16, 23, 30 novembre de 17h30 à 20h30. Caroline, vous gérer les passages. Les règles sont içi.
60% Examination, November 30, 9h-12h. Dissertation.   








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